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Desktop App for 2-Factor Authentication

One of the features that we can leverage, when we are working with Kubernetes is the ConfigMap. This is used to store the non-confidential information required by the pods. Do remember that, It is not suggested to store the confidential or secret information in the ConfigMaps. Let us see how to create a configmap using both imperative way and with the yaml file.

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Go Concurrency - A typical production use

Go handles concurrency in a slightly different way than the other programming languages. The effective Go has a slogan around their new concept "Do not communicate by sharing memory; instead, share memory by communicating". These Go routines are unique and they are not operating system threads. It is a function executing concurrently with other goroutines in the same address space.

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Day to Day Kubernetes Commandline Reference

There are multiple resources for the Kubernetes `kubectl` command line reference. It is very good practice to learn the usage of all those commands. But, here I would like to share the most day to day commands that we use on the terminal to take care of our daily development and debugging activities with respect to Kubernetes.